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Marjolein Knottenbelt

Composition 31

2 painting collage, 2023

Price: €1.500 incl. VAT

Measurements: 40 x 52 cm

Compositions 12

2 painting collage, 2019

Price: €2.175 incl. VAT

Measurements: 96 x 119 cm

Motivation of the artist

For the Compositions the intention was to borrow existing material that was disregarded or neglected. Like  “expired” art works they were required to make room for new decorative paintings. Dated, thus forgotten, left in attics, thrown out, or sold cheap. 

By placing this work into a new configuration, I investigate alternative forms of continuing to be. By adding new concept to the work, I hope to cheat the inevitable. Co-existing in this new composition, the work is open to new interpretation. The significance seems to shift from a visual value to a more conceptual idea on impermanence.

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