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Explanation on the art

The canvas that was assigned to Olav was a classic still life of a fruit bowl in which the apple is 'highlighted'. In Olav's adaptation, the apple symbolizes the city of New York, with the local delicacy, the hot dog, added to the dish. The background highlights the contemporary culture, history and neighborhoods of the city.

Olav van Leede

The Big Apple


Price: €850 incl. VAT

Measurements: 60 x 60 cm

Over de kunstenaar

In his free work, Olav has a unique and recognizable signature in which the past is drawn to the present. He thereby connects historical events, facts and moments with a contemporary icon in which beautiful, funny but sometimes also less attractive facts and moments from the past are brought back to the attention. Remastered Art is exactly that, but with an existing work of art as a starting point. When he was asked to participate it was a no-brainer for him.

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