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Jasper Lubberts

Jasper Lubberts is a Dutch artist and founder of Trapart in Apeldoorn. Trapart is known for its graffiti and imaginative faces. Lubberts started 8 years ago as a graffiti artist with sketches on paper which he then made on canvas and on walls. For Swop Art he Remastered three artworks.

Onderweg naar Morgen.jpeg

Onderweg naar morgen

Price: €600,- incl. VAT

Measurements: 88 x 73 cm

1.Tussen de bomen het bos niet meer zien.jpg

Tussen de bomen zie ik het bos niet meer

Price: €600,- incl. VAT

Measurements: 105 x 59 cm


Price: €250,- incl. VAT

Measurements: 45 x 44 cm

Motivation of the artist

I like to co-operate with other talented artists from different disciplines to bring Remastered Art to the attention. Because of the collaboration within our collective, I contribute to a special collection of unique new “Masterpieces”.

The current times also force us artists to be very conscious and sustainable with all the materials we use. With this as a starting point, I chose a dated existing work of art that was gathering dust somewhere in an attic. I edited this one, gave it a second layer in which my own usual style has remained leading. This not only extends the life of an old canvas in a very sustainable and innovative way, but also creates a very interesting fusion of an old and a new master on one canvas. A meeting, in a way, of two creative souls. The old canvas has been “remastered”.

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